Inflatable tent is very convenient and flexible which is widely used as inflatable party tent, trade tent, advertising tent, sports tent, exhibition tent, promotion tent, warehouse tent,  storage tent, projection tent, rest room tent and so on


Our inflatable tent is very easy to be installed and take down to move around, it is much easy setup than Aluminum hanger.  Also our inflatable tent can be Very beautiful, we can do decor inside to  make it be a prismy lighting tent. Inflatable air tent can be made any size as you need, for example, we can make party tent to hold from hundred people to thousand people. 


All of our inflatable tent is very safe, even tent is broken by accident, it will fall down very slowly, so people inside have enough time to get out, and it can by repair onside easily.


Our inflatable products are made by industry leading Double Tuff Biaxial warp-knitted PVC coated nylon fabric, 1000 Denier material. Our materials are flame retardant, water resistant, lead free and UV protected to withstand up to 120 degrees in temperature. More specific details about our materials are available upon request.


Inflatable Party Tent is supported by air which is very flexible to be made into any shape suits for all themed party events like wedding, tourism events, meeting and so on. Also you can use  projection or changeable lights to make your part very attractive and special. Also inflatable tent is much cheap than solid building. Inflatable party is made by high quality environment protection  material, very safe and strong.


Inflatable advertising tent is usually used for kinds of events, trade show and promotion activities. Inflatable advertising is more and more popular because of its flexibility and convenience of moving around, which is a very effective and interesting method to promote your products and it is very easy to set up and take down to move around. Also you can install lights inside and projection for advertising, very nice and effectively.


Inflatable projection tent is made by special material for projection, front projection, rear  projection or both projections are all available. High quality projection effect and best material  which is fire resist, water proof, UV resist and mildew proof. This tent is usually made into moving  theatre for people to have fun or astronomy tent for teaching or a moving teaching room for projection. Very easy to set up and take down is one of the greatest advantages of inflatable projection tent; also it is very easy for you to move around, super convenient


1. Where can the inflatables be displayed?

 Display them on the Ground, Hotel Lounge, and Beaches; in one word they can be displayed everywhere open area.


2. How does an inflatable stay inflated? 

An inflatable uses a continuous blowing fan to stay inflated. A continuous power supply is needed to operate and inflatable. 


3. What is the daily consumption?

This cost can be negligible as the blower consumes only a few units of electricity each day. 


4. Your blowers and pumps meet CE/UL requirements? 

 Our blowers and pumps are with the certificate of CE/UL.


5. How long can an inflatable stay inflated? 

 Inflatables can stay inflated as long as the blower/fan is working properly and the weather permits.


6. How much time will take for Inflatable tent Set- up? 

 It will take working 12 hours to do set up with Platform, Carpet, Lights & Air conditional.