Event Venue Construction

Eventures India deals with all types of venue setups, may be it a Corporate Event, Fashion Show, Live Performance Show, Stage Designs, Decors, Exhibitions, Conference etc. We have a wide range of inventory and expertise to deliver, manage and execute such events.   

Super structure & Aluminum Hangar Construction

Planning an event in a open ground itself is a challenge. A lot of aspects are involved in an open  ground event specially when it is a day event. An event cannot create an impact if a particular  ambience is not created. We pride ourselves on paying special attention to our client’s individual needs to create an ambience to make that event a memorable one. We offer wide range of temporary built up structures for events with all type sizes, Decor, lights, visuals and effects to turn an open ground event into a huge indoor hall event whilst maintaining a standard of professional excellence.                

Marquee Tents & Pagodas

Hosting an event takes careful planning and various resources. You pay attention to detail and add the bells and whistles, but on the day it is the venue that makes the impression that last. Why not opt for a venue with a difference?  One that is visibly impressive, versatile and with an ambience that cannot be matched by others. Eventures India offers clean, modern and high quality marquee tents for any type of open ground events, registration services at exhibition or any other event activity. 


Eventures India fetches wide range of façade designs for all kind of outdoor events. Our team of experts works in conjunction with structural engineers, architects to ensure the safe implementation of structural facades. Façade is a face of any outdoor event or exhibition, we ensure that high quality standard equipment’s are used to create a phenomenal experience and showcase the luxury of a event.

Customized Exhibition Stall Designs

Eventures India has a multi-purpose system that is used for the construction of exhibition stands, there are several different systems available and training into the specifics of each is usually conducted on a case by case basis. Our team of experts works in conjunction with structural engineer to ensure the safe implementation of structural columns and beams for double deck stall designs. We take into account all local safety regulations, budget constraints, logistics, design aesthetics and every aspect of exhibition stall designs

Technical Production 

We believe that the greatest challenge is to make your event the one that stands out from the  rest– one that is not only remembered for its seamless technical production, but as being a  huge success and memorable experience by all who attended.

We provide full-service solutions for special events in all industries. Stage Designs, Sound Systems, Lighting Effects, LED’s, Projection and Screens, Flat screen Displays, etc. There are a great number of technical specifics that go into any event setup. We take care of designing your vision. We pride ourselves to associate with you as a partner rather than a just a vendor. No matter how big or small, when planning your event you want a full-service contractor that you can count on!

Eventures India provides all the technical support to ensure your event is an enjoyable experience instead of the high stress environment.