Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a type of computer vision that uses camera technology to recognize real world images, objects, and environments and superimposes virtual information and data onto reality in real time. It turns your smart device into a lens for adding video, audio, 2-D content, 3-D content, and location-based information to nearly anything. As computers become more advanced through mobile devices and wearable technology, augmented reality will become a seamless experience that is a part of our everyday lives. (REFERENCE VIDEO)


Holographic Projection

We design, install, produce and create, large scale holograms at live events, conferences, road shows, or exhibitions. We'll look at venue plans and layout, work out the correct viewing angles for the audience, and produce an AutoCAD drawing of the set-up required. We'll be on-site at the event either project managing, or working seamlessly within your event management team. (REFERENCE VIDEO)


Virtual Mannequin

Playing a pre-programmed message, the Virtual Mannequin is the ideal medium to deliver a promotional message to your visitors, customers or guests. The mannequin can be programmed to activate by heat, movement sensor or be on a continuous loop with interactive functions, if required.With content entirely up to your discretion, the Virtual Mannequin can be an actor, staff member, personality or caricature. (REFERENCE VIDEO)


Interactive Floor Projection

The interactive Floor Projection system is an innovative way to convert unutilised floor space into a compelling and attractive display to entertain and astound. Traditional advertising media are passive, giving brands a slim chance of capturing the target’s interest and an even slimmer chance of keeping it. In constrast to a static visual, which is never more than part of the background, the Interactive Floor Projection keeps its audience captivated by turning floor-space advertising into an interactive event starring the target audience themselves. (REFERENCE VIDEO)


Interactive Wall Projection

Our interactive wall projection system is a comprehensive solution including both the hardware and software needed. It is possible to transform a normal wall into a dynamic and interactive area where to put any content. The amazing experience will attract thousands of audience and make them deeply impressed. It is flexible in using such as in the shopping mall, museum, shop window, restaurant, airport etc. (REFERENCE VIDEO)


Touch Screen Kiosk

Our Information Kiosks are a perfect touch screen solution to use as information points in public areas or on your business premises. They can effectively help visitors to the area to get a better idea of their location and direct them to various points of interest in the surrounding area. Customising your kiosk with your brand identity will also help it to stand out and work as a marketing tool as well as a source for information. Our kiosks provide a bright, clear and crisp display and quick response touch screen. (REFERENCE VIDEO)


RFID Technology

The RFID-enabled system is one of many ways that marketers are experimenting with technology to introduce targeted advertising. RFID technologies which enable you to automate the process. Visitors register themselves at an event (usually using their Facebook account) and are given a personalised entry card or wristband which links direct to their Facebook account. Having entered the event, they are automatically 'checked in' on Facebook. Touching the card or wristband at various stations throughout an event can generate a number of possibilities. (REFERENCE VIDEO)